Hello…I’m Sarah. I live in a smallish Ohio town across the street from a rolling corn field. My husband, Mike, and I have 9 kids and some days, our brick cape feels more like the home of “The Little Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe.” Who knew so many people could fit in one normal size house! Right next door is the brick ranch where I grew up! My kids are lucky to have Grandma and Poppy just across the gravel drive. And if you step out the back and walk a short ways through the tall grass to the fence that borders our property, another neighbor’s horses and goats graze peacefully, happily receiving the apples or grass that my little people like to pass through the wires.

I like to write about:

Fostering & Adoption – We were foster parents for 8 years and adopted 3 children during that time. I like to reflect on the things I learned and observed, hoping that it helps others who are also affected by fostering or adoption.

Identity & Faith – A natural byproduct of talking about adoption is a conversation about identity. Who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose? Our journey through adoption has led us to consider how we understand the goodness of God. It also coincided with a difficult decision to STOP going to church. Crazy I know. My husband is a pastor’s son and when we walked away from religion we found a closer relationship with our heavenly Father. I love to talk about these topics and dig into the hidden gems in the Bible.

Large Family Living – I can’t write about my life without weaving in life with 9 kids. Life here is anything but boring so these favorite people will punctuate my stories.

Education – Our family has primarily homeschooled for the last 13 years using all manner of curriculum and co-ops. But during that time, we have also had children in the public school (both in person and online charter), private schools (both secular and faith based), and early college through public and private universities. This eclectic experience has definitely influenced how I see life on many levels.

Thanks for stopping by!