About Me

Hey, my name is Sarah and I want to welcome you to my front porch. It is where I do my best thinking when I can escape for a few minutes of peace and semi-quiet. I’m married to my husband Mike and we have 9 kids ranging from ages 2 all the way up to 17.

When I was growing up, we had a big porch on the house and I have many happy memories of conversations about all kinds of things out there. If my dad wanted to brainstorm on a topic or take a random tangent, he would often say, “Now, I’m going to think outloud for a minute,” which I understood to mean he was going to look at the topic at hand from a few different perspectives. I understood he didn’t necessarily believe everything he verbalized…he was just thinking. To this day, I love thinking outloud. I enjoy challenging social norms and seeing things from a few different perspectives. My favorite things to talk about are religion vs. Jesus, navigating foster care and adoption and my parenting flops (there are a lot of them.) I have very few things “figured out,” but I enjoy sharing what has worked for us (and not worked) if it saves someone else the learning curve we have had.

I’m so very happy to “meet” you!